Green HellThe environmental movement, bent on regulating America under its green thumb, has such a vast array of lobbying groups, proposed measures, and specialized terminology, that it is difficult for busy Americans who are wary of this movement to stay current with the debate.

Patrick Allit's book In his recently published sixth book, The Conservatives, Emory University professor Patrick Allitt undertakes his most comprehensive effort to date in writing the history of the modern conservative movement.

The Darwin MythWith 2009 being the bicentennial of the birth of Charles Darwin and the sesquicentennial of the publication of his On the Origin of the Species, the observance of a “Year of Darwin” has been marked primarily by the publication of a vast array of titles dedicated to revering or reviling the man who defined the dominant theory of evolution.

Reason, Faith, Revolution bookAnno Domini 2009 has shown no sign of any abatement in the so-called “God Debate.” In recent years, several prominent atheists have published their compendiums of anti-religious boilerplate only to find themselves confronted by a rather lively defense of the God whom they were trying to bury.

Triple CrossWhat do a New York mob hit man, a mysterious aviation catastrophe, and a young Japanese engineer named Haruki Ikegami have in common? If you don’t know (and this reviewer didn’t, before preparing to write this article), then you may have missed the greatest scandal of our time.