As he reveals in his recently published Don’t Thank Me, Thank Your Recruiter, Army veteran Ken Conklin is one person who knows the value of using metaphors to better discern the pearls that life has to offer.

It is by way of the imagery of the military that Conklin delineates for his readers the contours of life. And it is from his actual experience in the military that he draws, in a way that is sure to charm readers.

Classified WomanWhistleblower Sibel Edmonds, who translated Turkish and Farsi for the U.S. government, found evidence of corruption at the highest levels of government — and suffered for it.


Picture yourself living in a small cell in a tightly packed set of compounds divided from the rest of the world by a fence... Book review of Glenn Beck's novel Agenda 21, ghost written by Harriet Parke.

A review of the third installment in Rawles' Novels of the Coming Crisis series.

In his book The War on Drugs Is a War on Freedom, Laurence Vance illustrates the absurdities and inconsistencies of the federal government’s drug war in America, and explains why, in his view, the war on drugs should be ended immediately.

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