The new DVD Please Remove Your Shoes, to be released on July 1, was reviewed by Scott Mayerowitz at ABC News, who asked rhetorically, “Do You Really Believe You Are Safe at the Airport?” and then answered “No.” 

Toy Story 3Toy Story 3 proves that with great writing and endearing characterization, success is achievable, even after 11 years. The enthralling finale to the adored series opened on Friday, June 18, to an audience of 20-somethings who remember when the first and second films came out, as well as to a new generation of fans, and in a single day made $41 million.

The 2010 remake of the Karate Kid is a definite improvement upon the 1984 version. It expands upon the coming-of-age element found in the original film, but with impressive choreography and cinematography. In doing so, the Karate Kid becomes not only a film about a child’s acquisition of life lessons, but an adventure in itself.

Moviegoers worldwide have enthusiastically rewarded Robin Hood since its opening in May with gross ticket sales of more than a quarter of a billion dollars, and the film is well in the black for Universal Pictures and its producer Ridley Scott. Predictably, liberal reviewers have taken significant verbal umbrage at the underlying theme of the film: lower taxes and less government.

Prince of PersiaI want to be straight with you. I feel it necessary to preface this review by saying that Disney’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time goes so far beyond the realm of reality that it borders on absurdity, and that there is very little “Disney” quality to the movie except for the astounding special effects. That being said, I must confess that I found myself thoroughly captivated, once I suspended my utter disbelief, and in the end, enjoyed the movie, much to my surprise.

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