It is difficult to say what precisely is the purpose of Last Ounce of Courage, the patriotic- and Christian-themed film that opened in mid-September around the nation. 

The Words uniquely portrays just how influential words may be. They can deliver news, or eternally capture a moment in time, whether it’s through songs, cards, or books. They can offer comfort or chasten the sinful. Just 26 letters have the capability of creating some of the most powerful moments in history. But the powerful nature of words can achieve both greatness and sorrow. Words, combined with irresistible temptation and powerful ambitions, can create major complications, and that very notion is portrayed well on the big screen in this intriguing and authentic film.

2016: Obama’s America, an anti-President Obama documentary, finished at number eight at the box office this past weekend. Its unabashed criticism of President Obama propelled it to the top 10 position, surpassing the Open Roads film comedy Hit and Run and the Warner Bros. horror film The Apparition.

2016 Obama's AmericaConservative scholar Dinesh D’Souza has, with Gerald Molen (Schindler’s List) and John Sullivan, produced the documentary 2016: Obama's America, which was recently released in Texas and is now being presented at some 400 theaters across the country. The film persuasively projects a frightening future for America: emaciated in military power, weakened financially, with diminished allies such as Israel in a world increasingly dangerous and threatening.

The Odd Life of Timothy GreenThe Odd Life of Timothy Green is a magical film about a miracle. It truly highlights the importance of family and familial love. It celebrates the wonderful support system that married couple Jim and Cindy have provided for one another, and the unconditional love of parents for their children.