Wednesday, 04 November 2009

$22.7 Million to Spy on Mothers and Congressmen (Not That the Latter Don’t Need Watching)

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You probably haven’t noticed the terrorists thronging airports in San Francisco, Dallas, Rhode Island, and Philadelphia, but the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) certainly has. (That’s the bureaucracy groping passengers at checkpoints, ransacking their bags, and generally traumatizing them as badly as an IRS audit.) Ergo, the TSA will squander another $22.7 million of our taxes on its closed-circuit television-systems (CCTV) at Dallas Love Field, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Francisco International, TF Green Airport in Warwick, and Philadelphia International.

CCTV “reinforces TSA's layers of security by helping us resolve security threats and prevent hostile activity in the aviation environment,” or so claims one of the TSA’s many and duplicative leeches, “Federal Security Director” Mike Restovich. Mike’s not exactly a sterling reference: scandal after scandal has plagued his stint at the public trough, including a conflict of interest when he managed a “private security consulting company” on the side with another of the TSA’s honchos.

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