Wednesday, 09 February 2011

McChrystal Stumps for National Slavery

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You might think a guy who’s sponged off us all his life, first for his education and then for every paycheck since, would keep his mouth shut lest we notice his bloodsucking — and that if he opened it at all, it would be for a succinct but heartfelt, “Thanks, chumps.”

But no. Retired General Stanley McChrystal dares lecture us that we don’t yield enough of our lives to government despite its exorbitant, unending, and pervasive taxation, compulsory surrender of our children to its brainwashing, forced “service” on juries, and even mandatory titillation of federal thugs at checkpoints in airports: “Americans performing critical, selfless service to our country are less common than they must be,” he scolds in 1500 platitudinous, self-righteous words for Newsweek Magazine.

You remember McChrystal. He lied about Cpl. Pat Tillman’s death in 2004, then last summer blabbed to Rolling Stone exactly how inept Obama and his minions are. Which was great stuff, and undoubtedly as much truth as we’ll ever get from one of the Pentagon’s puppets. But it cost him his job. So we might conclude his loquacity was a tad ill-advised.  

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