Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A Daily Listener Wishes NPR Stood for "No Public Robbery"

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I belong to a group tinier than I realized: I’m one of only 34 million Americans — roughly 11% of the population — tuning in National Public Radio (NPR) each week. That fraction probably shrinks to the low single digits if we limit it to daily listeners like me. And I may be a minority of one as a daily listener who cheered the U.S. House’s vote last week to “cut 100% of federal funding to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the primary source of federal funding for local public radio and television stations.”

Public radio and TV have always puzzled me. Why would even the most rabid fan of the biggest government advocate either? The inevitability of propaganda, and its misuse (if indeed one can misuse such tripe: isn’t any use of propaganda by definition a misuse?) are so obvious even politicians should understand —oh. I get it.

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