Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Authoritarianism by Anecdote

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In our post-Constitutional police-state, rulers often pass laws and regulations according to the following formula: someone suffers, whether from a genuine tragedy or mere inconvenience; said victim bewails his pain while demanding more laws to save the rest of us from his particular agony, however unusual its cause; the corporate media amplifies his screams while praising his “courage”; and presto, politicians pretend to solve the problem as they gain more control over our lives. 

Needless to say, such quaint notions as constitutionality or government’s inability to cure our ills, let alone its having caused them in the first place, never figure in the equation. The State benefits socially as well, with such traits as dependence and conformity, immaturity and whining replacing Americans’ traditional self-reliance, autonomy, dignity, and fearlessness. The stiff upper lip degenerates into a trembling mouth that tattles to Big Daddy Government about everything, all the time — along with calls for taxpayers to foot the bill.

The Associated Press brings us yet another example of the phenomenon as it lauds “sexual abuse survivor Lauren Book.” Lauren tells a graphic and horrific story: when she was a child, “her mother had mental health issues … Her father[, Ron,] worked long days and spent a lot of time in the state [of Florida’s] capital, 400 miles away” as a lobbyist. Turns out wining and dining Florida’s potentates into legislating favorably for clients is amazingly lucrative, which may explain why Ron left his sick wife and kids to “spen[d] a lot of time” on it: he “has reported earning [$2,001,000] in just six months.”

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