If neoconservatives and progressives truly understood fascism, they would stop using the word as a smear term. That is because both groups, along with most political figures and commentators, embrace fascist ideas and policies.

Any other high government official who might have been found as contemptuous of rules regarding email use as Hillary Clinton would surely have been speedily dumped and never considered as a candidate for the highest office in the land.

The World Trade Organization (WTO), a UN agency, has four times ruled against the United States and our COOL (Country of Origin Labeling) mandate.

Even some conservatives and libertarians are coming up with proposals for more "efficient" versions of the welfare state — namely direct cash grants for life to virtually all adults, instead of the current hodgepodge of overlapping bureaucratic programs.

The saddest aspect of the minimum wage story is the damage it does to human beings. Enter the arrogance and callousness of the elite. Their vision of what a person should earn, expressed by higher minimum wages, destroys people's best alternative without offering a superior one in its place. Maybe the elite believe that welfare, unemployment compensation and possibly engaging in illegal activities are a superior alternative to earning an honest and respectable living on a cashier's salary.

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