When "artists" immersed a crucifix in a glass of urine or smeared a Virgin Mary picture with feces, we were told that creating sacrilegious images was "brave." But that wasn’t quite the response to pundit Pamela Geller’s Mohammed cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, was it?

On April 22nd of this current year, Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) filed H. R. 1968, the “Restrain the Judges on Marriage Act of 2015.”

The protest chant that black lives matter appears to mean that black lives matter only if they are taken at the hands of white police officers.

Loretta Lynch was confirmed as the new attorney general thanks to the efforts of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and a number of go-along Republican senators.

Washington Post columnist, writes that she went to Baltimore to get a firsthand look at how the poorest of the poor live. In short order, she got robbed and knocked around.