In order to provide low-paid workers a "living wage" of $15 per hour (a 62-percent increase from the current minimum wage of $9.32), Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and the Seattle City Council are willing to act dishonorably and steal money from others — ruining my business.

The truth is that virtually all who advocate openly homosexual scoutmasters operate with a certain bias — they just don’t realize it.

The forces of intolerance on the left have taken several more scalps in the past few days. And boy, are they gloating about it. Example No. 1 is Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones.

How do you know you’re being had by a slick politician? When they use only short, catchy slogans and repeat them often. Sound familiar?

The media successfully hid from most curious eyes the real reason behind Jill Abramson's sudden departure: pressure from the White House.