America is condemned for being capitalist and greedy but half the population is subsidized — and the subsidized segment of the population believes they are victims and denied basic rights.



There is only one hope for change in the agenda of Obama and the political elite: Congress. In this election, whatever the flaws and merits of individuals, party affiliation is much more critical than ever before. And once candidates are elected to Congress, don’t let them forget who sent them there.

The IRS seizes bank accounts of people whose only offense is routinely to make deposits of less than $10,000. If you do this enough times, the IRS may suspect you are trying to avoid the requirement that deposits of $10,000 or more be reported by the bank. The IRS keeps the money, but the depositors need not be charged with a crime.

Poverty is not a cause but a result of Africa's problems. What African countries need the West cannot provide. They need personal liberty.

Random thoughts on the passing scene: