As a perfect example of Orwell's Big Brother stamping out dissent, police in Thailand have arrested protestors for reading 1984.

There’s a very welcome result of the 2014 elections. Simply stated, the pollsters were wrong and many of them have been discredited. In case after case, and in widely scattered parts of the nation, what the pollsters predicted was far from what the voters decided.

What is the world coming to when any company can come to a city and arrogantly do business without asking permission, in essence, of those against whom it would compete? Does the new kid in town think this is America or something?

The discovery of the "phantom courses" at UNC and resulting scandal are simply the tip of the iceberg and a symptom of a much larger problem.

After the incredible shellacking that Democrats received a week ago, wouldn’t you think that President Barack Obama would be a tad more conciliatory? Maybe a little less arrogant? A tiny bit more willing to compromise?