My dictionary has several definitions for “stupid.” But the one I like best reads: “showing or resulting from a lack of normal intelligence; foolish; irrational; also used colloquially as a generalized term of disapproval.” So I am not entirely out of line by calling the Nobel Prize committee stupid and the award of the prestigious prize to President Barack Hussein Obama as an act of stupidity. And most of the world agrees with me. But they’re too kind to call the committee stupid. Remember, that this is the same committee that gave terrorist Arafat the Nobel Peace Prize, whose life-long ambition was to destroy Israel.

Walter WilliamsHarvard University Professor Stephan Thernstrom's recent essay, "Minorities in College — Good News, But...," in Minding the Campus (11/4/10), a website sponsored by the New York-based Manhattan Institute, commented on the results of the most recent National Assessment of Education Progress test: The scores "mean that black students aged 17 do not read with any greater facility than whites who are four years younger and still in junior high.... Exactly the same glaring gaps appear in NAEP's tests of basic mathematics skills."

“Washington, D.C.’s workers enjoy the highest salaries of any U.S. city, with a median household income of $85,198,” recently reported CNNMoney.

Sam BlumenfeldBack in the days when I was a youngster, my parents put their savings in a bank that went belly up during the Depression. As recent immigrants, they were not very savvy about our banking system, and so they chose a bank called Bank of United States because it sounded very safe. Had they been aware of what was happening on Wall Street they would have put their money in one of the Rockefeller institutions, which never failed.

If you celebrate Christmas someplace cold this year, step outside after dark that night without a coat. No hat, scarf or gloves, either: just the shirt or sweater you were wearing indoors.

Feel the wind’s needles stinging your face and hands? It won’t take long for your fingers to go numb. And you quickly learn that a shirt or even a sweater doesn’t begin to protect you from the elements. You’re severely and uncontrollably shivering within a few minutes.
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