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Alan Scholl“Common Core” standards will not solve that nation's public education ills for the simple reason that the problem is the system itself, not the measurement of outcomes.

What is it with Republicans anyway? Why, when public sentiment is shifting in their favor, do they form a circular firing squad and begin taking pot shots at each other?

Let’s begin the sad survey with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s needless denunciation of the “dangerous” tilt toward libertarianism represented by Rand Paul, the junior Senator from Kentucky.

Romney lost last November, not because he is a "moderate" Republican or RINO, but because he is a typical Republican.

Jacob G. HornbergerThe most important question that Americans need to be asking themselves is, Does the national-security state have any role in a free society? The Founding Fathers certainly didn’t think so.

In 1960, Detroit had the highest per-capita income in the United States. What happened?

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