The war on the use of available energy (coal, oil, and natural gas) not only continues, it received a huge boost at the recent United Nations Climate Summit in Paris. The truth is that carbon dioxide is a blessing and the claims of global warming and climate change alarmists amount to dangerous politically motivated hokum.

Engineers who design computerized products and services seem to have an almost fanatical determination to avoid using plain English.

If the liberty movement refuses to compromise its principles, we may succeed in restoring a society of liberty, peace, and prosperity in our lifetimes.

The issue for black parents is not whether their sons and daughters should be admitted to an elite college or one that is lower-ranked. The issue is whether their sons and daughters should be admitted to a college where they would not be admitted if they were white. 

Correcting the situation of U.S. military forces being used by the UN without declaration of war requires repeal of the War Powers Act and withdrawal from the United Nations.

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