Claiming to care about animals, New York City's new mayor Bill de Blasio has pledged to eliminate horse-drawn carriages from Central Park. But is his real motivation a desire to pay off a large campaign contributor?


"Conservatives'" knee-jerk defensiveness toward all criticisms of every effort on the part of government to fight a "war on terror" expedites the Left's project to "fundamentally transform" America.

If you like your light bulb, you can keep you light bulb. Of course, the Nanny State's prohibition of incandescent light bulbs — which predates Obama's presidency — makes that statement as untrue as the president's claim regarding health insurance. And then there is the war on coal.

The problem our nation faces is very much like a marriage in which one partner has an established pattern of ignoring and breaking the marital vows.

Like the corrupt French official in the movie classic Casablanca, the New York Times is "shocked, shocked" to discover that consultants get paid defending the kinds of people that the New York Times attacks.

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