There’s a new picture of Obama that’s sticking in my mind, like a song that keeps playing in your head  (the one that keeps playing for me this week is “Empire State of Mind,” especially the lines by Alicia Keys).

And now comes Thanksgiving! A day of love and gratitude, food, family, and friends, with few of the pressures and most of the pleasures of Christmas. Even the weather exhilarates: neither too hot nor cold as the vestiges of autumn’s glory still cheer the forests and lade our tables.

Ralph ReilandYou can’t say we weren’t warned ahead of time about Obama’s globalist and controlling tendencies.

Becky AkersTrial by jury supposedly restrains the State by protecting innocent folks from unjust punishment. But in modern America, it actually empowers Leviathan. Exhibit A: the brouhaha over the proposed trial of five men the US government blames for 9/11.

In news from the world of universal health care, Mark Wattson, 35, collapsed in pain in the street in Swindon, England, a month after he had his appendix removed.

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