Sam BlumenfeldIs homeschooling compatible with socialism and vice-versa? Apparently not, for homeschooling means parental control of education, and that is anathema to socialists.

The Pulitzers for top-notch journalism aren’t what they used to be.

History is not taught very well in today's public schools, and that is why the history of the Democratic Party is totally unknown by the American voting public. Believe it or not, the Democratic Party was inspired by those Southern delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 who forced all of the other delegates to accept the institution of slavery as the price of their participation in the new government. That is why the Southern states were able to count each slave as three-fifths of a person in determining the number of representatives the state could send to Congress.

Steve FarrellThe Arizona House of Representatives moved forward a provision on Monday (April 19) that would require presidential candidates to produce documents proving their eligibility to serve if they expect their name to appear on the Arizona ballot in 2012.

Becky AkersThe War to Terrorize Americans continues. This week our fearless rulers protected us from a 93-year-old invalid in a wheelchair, her munchies, and her concerned daughter when they tried Nadine Hays of Camarillo, CA, “for allegedly hitting a federal security agent who tried to take her mother’s applesauce and other snacks at Bob Hope Airport.”