This past Saturday, Barbara Billingsley passed away at the age of 94. For those of you scratching your heads but acquainted with 1950s television, Billingsley played the ever-gracious and loving, hearth-and-home mother June Cleaver in the classic sitcom "Leave It to Beaver."

According to a pool reporter from the Chicago Sun-Times, First Lady Michelle Obama may have violated Illinois law when she solicited votes inside a voting center not far from the booths.

Thomas SowellSomebody eventually had to say it — and German chancellor Angela Merkel deserves credit for being the one who had the courage to say it out loud. Multiculturalism has "utterly failed."

Samuel L. BlumenfeldOn August 5, an accident occurred in the San Jose copper and gold mine in the town of Copiapo in northern Chile. 750,000 tons of rock collapsed, blocking the mine shaft and trapping 33 miners in their emergency refuge area more than 2,000 feet below ground. Since there was no way the men could communicate with the surface, the relatives of the miners did not know if they were dead or alive. But unbeknownst to those above ground, the miners were indeed alive.

Ralph ReilandWhat’s very weird, even a bit “foreign,” not unlike how self-declared communist leader Hugo Chavez in Venezuela regularly demonizes the business sector, is how President Obama seems to have decided that his best shot at reversing the grim election outlook for Democrats is by way of smearing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as being too “foreign.”