When Nevada Senate contender Sharron Angle led incumbent Harry Reid by three points in polls but lost by six on Election Day 2010, it raised some eyebrows. Yet that is nothing compared to the Russian region of Tambov, where Vladimir Putin’s party, United Russia (UR), polled at 35 percent in April but then cruised to victory with a whopping 65 percent of the vote a month later. Now that’s a get-out-the-dead-vote effort even a Chicago ACORN chapter couldn’t have matched.

In the annals of American politics, I don’t believe that any congressman, governor, or president has been the subject of such relentless liberal or media hatred or criticism as Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska. It is a phenomenon that defies simple understanding or explanation. It can only mean that the left is so frightened of a Palin candidacy for president, that they will do and say anything that will turn the American people against her.

Sam BlumenfeldTo understand why our public education system is in its present wretched academic state, one must realize that the system is no longer run as an intellectual institution. Ever since the public school system was taken over by the behavioral psychologists at the turn of the last century, the goal has shifted from the development of intellectual and academic skills to that of changing and manipulating human behavior.

Since he has been elected President, commentators on the right have debated amongst themselves as to what Barack Obama honestly expects to gain from his policies. One school of thought, represented by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, swears that the President seeks nothing more or less than the destruction of America. The other school, of which Michael Medved is a key representative, insists that Obama has nothing but the best interests of the country at heart — however misplaced his mind on this matter may be.   

It’s hard to believe that the entire federal budget in 1960 was $76.5 billion, which is a little less (just $500 million less) than the $77 billion the Department of Education is currently spending. By 1970, that federal budget had tripled to $194.9 billion. Why? The liberal Johnson administration passed a whole bunch of Great Society programs, increasing the size and cost of government dramatically. In four short years, LBJ’s budget went from $97.9 billion in 1964 to $186 billion in 1968.

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