Much of what goes on in Washington results from blackmail, and one can only wonder who will now become the new speaker of the house and why.

Liberals and progressives express alarm that there are an estimated 300 million privately held firearms in our country. Some have called for a national arms registry to be created to keep track of gun ownership. 

Whether in politics or in the media, words are increasingly used, not to convey facts or even allegations of facts, but simply to arouse emotions.

In recent months there have been a series of cases reported in the media, where some teenage thug — white, black or Hispanic in different cases — has been stopped by a policeman for some routine violation of the law and, instead of complying with lawful instructions, such as "show me your driver's license," chooses instead to defy the policeman, resist arrest and finally ends up physically assaulting the cop.

Reagan’s economic policies produced a strong and positive outcome with economic growth, job creation and declines in joblessness and underemployment, key economic improvements that disproportionately help the poor and unemployed.

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