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Walter E. WilliamsOne of the oldest notions in the history of mankind is that some people are to give orders and others are to obey. The powerful elite believe that they have wisdom superior to the masses and that they've been ordained to forcibly impose that wisdom on the rest of us.

There's clearly no shortage of arrogance, senselessness, and deceitfulness among the current crop of politicians and central planners in D.C.

FEMA's denial of disaster aid to a town that is "too religious" and other recent events are symptoms of the intensifying war on Christianity. And unless something changes our cultural trajectory, more serious anti-Christian persecution lies in our future.

High-quality science fiction/action film Catching Fire burned up the box office in its opening weekend, and — unusually for a sci-fi film — drew a majority female audience. The movie grossed an estimated $161.1 million in North America and $307.7 million globally in its first weekend.

Several bombshells have exploded over ObamaCare just in recent days. Consider, for example, Jessica Sanford, the woman President Obama had cited last month as an example of ObamaCare’s success. Turns out this much-hyped “success” was anything but.

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