Barack Obama had a black-letter day last week. In fact, May 8 may go down as the turning point in his re-election campaign — the day voters made it clear he would be a one-term President.

There were four pivotal events that day....

One of the skeletons in the Progressive Education closet is Scientific Racism, otherwise known as Eugenics, which the leaders of the Progressive movement enthusiastically espoused until the Nazis in Germany gave it a bad name.  

Is homosexuality really biologically induced? And, if it were, what would this mean for its morality? The operative principle here is simple: Biology doesn’t determine morality.

It's not that the Left is "redefining" marriage — it's that conservatives must redefine the debate. The question in this debate should never be one of rights. It should be one of definitions. If we accept that marriage is, by definition, the union between a man and woman and nothing else, the faux-marriage-rights argument is moot.


Our social engineers preach fairness but practice favoritism.

Case in point: Thirteen-year-old Keeling Pilaro, of  Suffolk County, New York, is being denied the right to compete in sports based solely on sex.

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