The presidential election prospects for the Democrats are so bad this year that only the Republicans can save them — as Republicans have saved them before.

A Texas law placing greater restrictions on abortion clinics has been challenged in court and will be decided by the Supreme Court.

To keep our military strong we must constrain our foreign policy. We must adopt a policy of non-intervention and a strong defense of this country. The neocons will weaken our country and our military by promoting more war. We need to “rebuild” the military by restoring as its mission the defense of the United States, not of Washington’s overseas empire.

England’s Prime Minister David Cameron will do all he can to persuade his countrymen to remain tied to the 28-member super government knowing that other EU member nations may follow if Britain leaves.

You might ask the next person who says the rich do not pay their fair share of taxes: Exactly what percentage of total federal income taxes should the 1-percenters pay? I seriously doubt whether you will get any kind of coherent answer.

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