Ralph ReilandAfter doing nothing during his first two years in office to deal with the federal debt tsunami that’s clearly visible on the horizon and heading our way, President Obama delivered a 2012 budget plan that, as Investor’s Business Daily accurately editorialized, “proposed spending $252 billion more in 2012 than the feds spent in 2010 — at the height of the stimulus spending spree.”

Jack KerwickAt long last, Barack Obama has released what appears to be his “long form” birth certificate. It should go without saying that this is due to the pressures brought upon him by one man alone: Donald Trump. Considering that no one in either party has been able to accomplish in years what Trump achieved in less than two months, if either Obama or anyone else thinks that the disclosure of the birth certificate will leave Trump with egg on his face, they best think again.

The famous comic-book hero Superman has announced plans to speak at the United Nations to renounce his American citizenship and become a citizen of the world, sending a strong message and upsetting many of his fans in the process.  

Jack KerwickMichele Malkin has just written a column in which she attempts to expose Donald Trump as a faux conservative. “The Donald,” Malkin writes, has long abused the law of “eminent domain” for his own material self-interests. She insists that in using government to confiscate the private holdings of others, Trump reveals an insufficient respect for private property rights and “Constitutional principles.”

Chip WoodMany thanks to the Alert Reader who sent me the following story about monkeys. I think you’ll agree, it has important lessons for us about how to make changes in Washington. Start with a cage holding five monkeys. Hang a banana from the top of the cage and underneath it, put some stairs going up. Before long, a monkey will start climbing the stairs to get the banana.