According to relatives, infamous leftist and avowed homosexual Gore Vidal was most likely a globe-trotting pedophile who committed "Jerry Sandusky acts."

Walter E. WilliamsCongress and the president are taking over an area of our lives infinitely more challenging and complex than the management of traffic signals and supermarkets, namely our health care system. Oblivious to the huge information problem in the allocation of resources, the people in Washington have great confidence that they can run our health care system better than we, our physicians and hospitals.

Liberals are gloating that Tuesday’s election results prove that committed conservatives can’t win the big races. There’s just one problem with all of their self-satisfied jubilation: The facts don’t support their claims.

Germany unconditionally surrendered three years and five months following the attack on Pearl Harbor — less time than it’s taken the Obama administration to get the HealthCare.gov website up and scarcely operational.

There has been much analysis of the Virginia governor’s race in which Terry McAuliffe edged out Ken Cuccinelli by two points. But the truth? The Virginia race bodes well for the Tea Party in 2014.

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