The Republican debate, that took place in Orlando’s packed convention center on September 22nd, came across to this viewer as the newest form of indoor sports rather than a serious political seminar. The verbal tennis match between Gov. Perry of Texas and ex-Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney took center stage during the two-hour event. It was a matter of scoring points rather than enlightening the public. It was very entertaining stuff, but not much else.

Ron Paul is persona non grata among establishment Republicans and other party loyalists — including and especially those in the mainstream “conservative” media. 

Selwyn DukeIn the Republican presidential debate last evening, some of the candidates passionately stated that the Environmental Protection Agency should be eliminated. It’s a position that sounds strange to some ears. As a respondent in a Fox News focus group said after the debate, and this is a paraphrase, “This all sounds good when you fixate on the minutia, but we can’t just end the EPA.”

Chip WoodLiberals are doing such a good job of bashing Barack Obama, we conservatives can just stand aside and watch. And isn’t it fun?

It's amazing that most of the presidential candidates manage to find time to run for president when they're so busy running for national superintendent of schools. Republican candidates typically tell us in one breath they want to get the federal government out of education and in the next that they have some really swell ideas for educational reform they'd like to implement (impose?) once they're in charge of the federal government.

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