Ralph Reiland“On any given day in the United States, the number of people with severe mental illness in prisons is estimated to be three times higher than the number in hospitals, according to a new report from the Treatment Advocacy Center and the National Sheriffs’ Association,” reported Seena Fazel recently in the Wall Street Journal (“The Line Between Madness and Mayhem,” January 15-16).

February 2011 will mark the 82nd year since the publication of Dr. Samuel T. Orton’s critical article in the February 1929 issue of the Journal of Educational Psychology. Its title was “The ‘Sight-Reading’ Method of Teaching Reading as a Source of Reading Disability.”

I picked up this little book the other day in a discount bookstore.  Intrigued by the title, God Is a Salesman, I started thumbing through it and came across this thought-provoking passage:

In a move that screamed “too little too late,” the Department of Health and Human Services and the Environmental Protection Agency announced earlier this month that they were working together to lower the amount of fluoride both suggested and allowed in drinking water.

The U.S. Congress seems to love debt, or else our government would not have so much of it. Indeed, our present debt ceiling is $14.3 trillion, and there is a move in the administration to increase that ceiling in order to accommodate Obama’s deficit spending plans. The idea that the federal government can live far beyond its means is part of the liberal philosophy of tax and spend and/or borrow and spend. And unfortunately, Republicans have been as guilty of that sin as Democrats.