Jack KennyBudget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin Congressman chosen to give the "official" Republican response to the President's State of the Union address, might have been the designated funeral director, but for the fortunate fact that the patient is, remarkably, still alive. In a dark suit, seated behind his Budget Committee desk, the chairman was instead the family doctor, doing his best to appear both solemn and hopeful as he brought us the grim news. The prognosis is not good. The nation's fiscal ills, with their "crushing burden of debt," could be fatal unless we stop consuming fatty stimulus programs and high-cholesterol health care mandates and begin to exercise fiscal discipline.

I didn’t waste time listening to the [Mi]Stake of the Union last night, and I hope you didn’t either. Life contains enough indignities without subjecting ourselves to that. Besides, short of “I’m resigning after firing all federal employees,” the Thief-in-Chief has nothing to say that I want to hear.

Walter WilliamsNational debt is over $14 trillion, the federal budget deficit is $1.4 trillion and, depending on whose estimates are used, the unfunded liability or indebtedness of the federal government (mostly in the form of obligations for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and prescription drugs) is estimated to be between $60 and $100 trillion.

Thomas SowellWhen I mention that my family used kerosene lamps when I was a small child in the South during the 1930s, that is usually taken as a sign of our poverty, though I never thought of us as poor at the time.

February 2011 will mark the 82nd year since the publication of Dr. Samuel T. Orton’s critical article in the February 1929 issue of the Journal of Educational Psychology. Its title was “The ‘Sight-Reading’ Method of Teaching Reading as a Source of Reading Disability.”