The propaganda machine was out in full strength last week when General Motors generated a lot of excitement by announcing that each of its 40,000 hourly workers will be getting bonuses averaging $4,000. Water-cooler conversations and media coverage alike were abuzz over this news, everyone beaming with patriotic pride that the all-American company was able to come back from the brink of disaster and reward its workers for all their efforts.

Chip WoodYou wouldn’t think Disney World would be a good source for presidential trivia. But during a recent visit, I came across a piece of history that stumped my good friend Chris, who is a world champion at presidential trivia.

Sam Blumenfeld

Few people can tell you how Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin was able to impose a brutal communist dictatorship over the Russian people. His strategy was simple and effective: Let the liberal socialists under the leadership of Alexander Kerensky overthrow the Tsarist government, and then the communists will have an easy job of overthrowing the new, weak democratic government by using murderous Bolshevik thugs to enforce a new communist tyranny. It will be like taking candy from a baby.

It isn’t often that conservatives can learn something from liberals, but I think the current debate over nullification is an exception.

An optimist is someone who sees the glass half full, not half empty. An optimist is someone who sees the brighter side of life’s many ups and downs. An optimist knows that evil exists but believes that in the end good will triumph. For example, after America was attacked by Japan at Pearl Harbor and we entered World War II, I believed that we would win. Why? Because America always won its wars. That was the optimist in me.