Jack KennyIt has been widely reported that Rep. Joe Barton has embarrassed the Republican Party. That by itself might be considered a monumental achievement, given what it usually takes to embarrass politicians these days. But Barton's offense is most egregious. He apologized to BP (formerly British Petroleum) for what the Texas Republican characterized as a "shakedown" by President Obama in getting the company to agree to put $20 billion into an escrow account for the compensation of victims of damage done by the explosion at BP's Deepwater Horizon rig and the massive and ongoing spillage of oil off the coast of Louisiana.

Toy Story 3Toy Story 3 proves that with great writing and endearing characterization, success is achievable, even after 11 years. The enthralling finale to the adored series opened on Friday, June 18, to an audience of 20-somethings who remember when the first and second films came out, as well as to a new generation of fans, and in a single day made $41 million.

Sometimes you can read a book that will change your mind on some fundamental issue. Rarely, however, is there just one page that can undermine or destroy a widely-held belief. But there is such a page — page 77 of the book Out of Work by Richard Vedder and Lowell Gallaway.
The big oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is bad enough in itself. But politics can make anything worse.

George Orwell admonished, "Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious." That's what I want to do — talk about the obvious. Suppose that a person is faced with the choice of spending $50,000 on a brand-new car or paying two years worth of college tuition for his 18-year-old. What is the solution?

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