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“We will always live in a terrorist threat environment.” So says Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in an interview with USAToday. Its editors wholeheartedly agree.

Patrick Allit's book In his recently published sixth book, The Conservatives, Emory University professor Patrick Allitt undertakes his most comprehensive effort to date in writing the history of the modern conservative movement.

clunkers for cashThe “cash for clunkers” program is supposedly wildly successful. According to proponents, consumers are spending money once again on expensive, big-ticket items; gas-guzzlers are being removed from the road; and new-car sales are soaring, benefiting not just the automobile manufacturers, but the economy as a whole.

Here's how to get the money for healthcare reform, and it can be done without Congress passing another trillion in spending, without putting more job-killing mandates and taxes on business, without killing off whatever incentives still remain for our best students to become physicians, and without turning millions of patients into wards of the state.

Despite politicians’ best efforts, a bit of truth occasionally creeps into the public discourse. So it was with former president George Bush and his linking the War on Terror with the government’s one on drugs. These internecine struggles do indeed have much in common: both feature the Feds fighting, wounding and killing the American people. Sure, Mexican drug dealers and members of Al-Qaeda sometimes find themselves in the line of fire, but on the whole, America’s rulers wage war against the taxpayers footing their bills.

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