Filmmaker James Jaeger’s 2006 documentary Fiat Empire (available in its entirety free online) was an educational and informative film that accurately summed up a difficult topic for those unfamiliar with the machinations of the Federal Reserve and its detrimental effect on our nation. His latest effort, Original Intent: How Negative Influences are Destroying the U.S. Republic, is a much more ambitious effort that tries to tackle a far broader range of issues.

I didn't know that trucks were racist.

Strewn with Christian themes of protecting God’s word from attack and from manipulation at the hands of “Big Brother,” The Book of Eli is set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland that was once the United States. After the final war, the Bible was perceived as a threat, and was sought and burned.

Becky AkersIt was a runaway bestseller before the concept existed, when printers set type by hand and the average American owned a Bible and perhaps a couple other books. Depending on the edition (and there were many — 25 the first year alone), it ran about 22,000 words, so few it’s usually called a “pamphlet” rather than a book. Yet this slim octavo that influenced thinking on two continents continues inspiring today. Its author hid his identity, not because many writers either remained anonymous or used Latin pseudonyms then, but because he had narrowly escaped imprisonment for debt and didn’t want to chance it for treason.

book reviewFewer and fewer Americans would accept the clichés “Big business always resists government intrusion” and “Democrats are for the working class, while Republicans support the rich.” In the day of the Internet, it is often all too easy to figure out the less-than-altruistic motives of our elected officials and which costly, ineffective, and unconstitutional programs politicians support merely to “buy” votes for reelection. But most Americans (including your reviewer before reading Obamanomics) have no idea how totally corrupt our federal government has become.