Becky AkersYou might think that since the State nailed the Founder of the religion to a cross, Christians would deplore government. Surely its murder of the Son of God renders it a thoroughly evil institution, the stronghold of Satan himself, let alone the martyrs it has made since. And that’s to say nothing of the Biblical commands it breaks: “Thou shalt not steal,” not even if, thinking thyself clever, thou re-namest it “taxation”; “Thou shalt not kill,” no matter who giveth thee a uniform and medals and assureth thee it’s patriotic; “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor,” even if thou workest for the FBI.

A recent column co-authored by John Eidsmoe and Ben DuPré struck me. They titled their column, "What Makes a 'Great' President?"

Race & LIbertyFor far too long, those who oppose big-government solutions to racism have been slandered as racists. (Sadly, such attacks are similar to the claims that people who oppose civil-rights-violating national security measures like the Patriot Act are terrorist sympathizers.) Such slander, while entirely inaccurate, is effective in silencing any dissent on the subject of race and government.

Ralph ReilandWhat the Democrats should have learned from their losses last Tuesday is that the advice given by political strategist James Carville to candidate Bill Clinton in the 1992 presidential campaign is still valid — “It’s the economy, stupid.”

According to a report published on the Tenth Amendment Center's website, "Introduced in the Ohio House on October 16, 2009, the 'Firearms Freedom Act' (HB-315) seeks 'To enact section 2923.26 of the Revised Code to provide that ammunition, firearms, and firearm accessories that are manufactured and remain in Ohio are not subject to federal laws and regulations derived under Congress' authority to regulate interstate commerce and to require the words "Made in Ohio" be stamped on a central metallic part of any firearm manufactured and sold in Ohio.'"