A question on many Americans' minds now is whether and when the Supreme Court of the United States will overturn a federal court's ruling that the California law defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman is unconstitutional. Opponents of same-sex marriage are hoping the answer is "yes" and "soon."

You expect Republican politicians to criticize Democratic administrations and vice versa. But when Democrats start criticizing Democratic administrations, that is news. Someone once said that the headline "Dog bites Man" is not news, but "Man bites Dog" is. We are now starting to get "Democrat bites Democrat" news.

On May 7, 1818, a veteran of the Revolutionary War named Asher Wright "personally appear[ed]" before Presiding Judge Sylvester Gilbert in the "District of Connecticut, ss. County of Tolland." Mr. Wright, "aged 63 years... doth, on his oath, make the following declaration...That he the said Asher Wright enlisted ... in the Continental Army... and served out the term of his inlistment [sic] being one year and that he is in reduced circumstances, and stands in need of the assistance of his country for support..."[i]

We live in a world of imperfect and costly information, and people seek to economize on information costs in a variety of ways. If we don't take that fact into account, we risk misidentifying and confusing one type of human behavior with another. Let's look at it.

Ralph ReilandI don’t write a self-help column, or about household hints, but here’s a warning about how I flew out the bathtub a few days ago.