The Magna Carta deserves the respect it has acquired over the centuries.

Many academics know that to call any science settled is nonsense. But their leftist political sentiments and lack of academic integrity prevent them from criticizing public officials and the media for misleading a gullible public about global warming.

Whatever readers might have thought of the mind of the late William Loeb, the legendary publisher of New Hampshire statewide daily, the Union Leader, at least Loeb’s mind was his own and his words reflected his thoughts faithfully, according to whatever premise he was following. Not so with the current publisher of the New Hampshire Union Leader, whose editorials are no less a rant, but whose rants are not his own. For Joseph W. McQuaid has turned the once independent Union Leader into the Daily Echo of the Republican National Committee.

Baltimore is now paying the price for irresponsible words and actions, not only by young thugs in the streets, but also by its mayor and the state prosecutor, both of whom threw the police to the wolves, in order to curry favor with local voters.

Ex-Im Bank apologists claim that the bank primarily benefits small business. A look at the facts tells a different story.