William F. Jasper

Representative Lamar Smith (R-Texas), chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, warned NOAA chief Kathryn Sullivan of potential criminal penalty for continued defiance of a congressional subpoena for data the agency used to make its controversial report on global warming.

The world’s richest capitalist is a statist, who says the private sector is “inept,” pushes Big Government schemes for a global carbon tax and billions more government spending on energy R&D.

No mention in Big Media: The official draft text of the climate treaty for the soon-to-start UN Climate Summit in Paris proposes to establish an International Tribunal of Climate Justice.

As UN’s Paris summit approaches, one of France’s top mathematics consultancies, a legendary physicist, and a former IPCC author have joined France’s best-known TV weatherman, Philippe Verdier, in delivering black eyes and severe body blows to the increasingly discredited global-warming alarm lobby

Paris Climate Summit: Once again, politicians, UN bureaucrats and celebrity activists will swoop in on private jets to insist that the rest of us must sacrifice and reduce our carbon footprints.

The "carbon pricing" scheme of the upcoming UN global climate summit in Paris could cause electricity rates — and the price of everthing else — to skyrocket.

Another Gosnell coverup: Mainstream media ignore story of abortionist Dr. Michael Roth, who was found to have 14 containers of aborted fetuses and a large stash of drugs in his car.

The World Bank has pledged to bump up its “climate finance” program by one-third, potentially to $29 billion annually, even though its genocidal “green” programs have caused death, desolation, and millions of refugees.

Yes, yet another UN summit, in this year of unending global summits, where globalists, the UN’s self-important corrupt bureaucrats, and some of the world’s worst butchers and dictators can pose as humanitarian saviors. 

Peter Sutherland, an Inside'rs insider (Goldman Sachs, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, EU Commission), is stumping for the United States and European Union to shoulder their “moral and legal obligation” to take more of the millions of refugees streaming from the Middle East chaos he and his fellow globalists helped create.