William F. Jasper

The transformation of Latin America into a communist region received a boost from the recent reelection of President of Ecuador Rafael Correa, a leader in the São Paulo Forum, a revolutionary Marxist alliance.

President Obama used discredited "science" in his State of the Union address to push climate change mandates, while threatening to use executive orders if Congress doesn't act.

Less than 24 hours after Ban Ki-moon's appeal to the Insider globalist confab, President Obama included key "must do" items of the UN leader's agenda in his State of the Union address.

Democrats and the mainstream media have attacked Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., M.D., the surgeon whose inspiring speech at the National Prayer Breakfast challenged political correctness and President Obama’s socialist agenda.

President Obama's appointment of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) members and pro-abortion advocates to his new Global Development Council leaves little doubt that it will push population control and redistribution.

State and local nullification of unconstitutional usurpations of power by the federal government are crucial defenses against tyranny.

Monday, 12 October 1998 00:00

American-made Terrorists

The president's ill-advised strikes on supposed terrorist bases have inspired radical Islamic factions to a renewed and intense hatred of the United States.

"Progressives" call gun rights advocates "delusional" for fearing that "gun registration will lead to gun confiscation," but experience, current legislation, and the admissions of anti-gun activists show those fears are well founded.


Thursday, 24 January 2013 00:00

Communists Cheer On Obama’s Gun Grab

It should come as no surprise that the Communist Party USA's People's World, and official voices from Communist China and Russia, endorse President Obama's latest attacks on the Second Amendment.

Physical handicaps and emotional scars are among the wounds inflicted on the courageous survivors of the Abortion War, yet they emerge triumphant.