William F. Jasper

Economist Lawrence Summers, Obama’s top economic advisor and a veteran globalist and Wall Street insider, disparaged Donald Trump, saying he was a danger to “the rule of law” and “democracy.”

How dirty will the campaign to stop the British Exit from the EU (Brexit) vote get? The pro-European Union politicians and their Big Banking, Big Business, Big Labor, Big Media allies appear ready to do just about anything to scare British voters into staying in the EU.

British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne urges G20 to bully Brits to stay in the European Union, while globalists suggest swamping the Channel Tunnel with Muslims from refugee camps in France to sabotage "Brexit" vote.

China G20 Agenda: More sellouts to — and “convergence” with — Beijing’s communist regime, along with more global “stimulus” and more coordinated central planning.

Goldman Sachs, Carlyle Group, Kissinger Associates, and other Wall Street insiders promote the globalist New World Order of China “integration” and “convergence” with the United States.

Congressman Walter Jones and 44 other members of the U.S. House of Representatives are calling on the Obama administration to halt the sale of the Chicago Stock Exchange to a Chinese company.

It's “Leftward, Ho!” for Hollywood as the big film studios hop into bed with the corporate fronts of China’s Communist Party.

In a move that has environmental militants exulting and Western farmers, ranchers, and property owners fuming, President Obama has locked up 1.8 million acres by executive fiat, with the stroke of a pen. More lock-ups are planned.


The FBI aerial video doesn’t confirm the government's version of events, and video of the shooting taken by a passenger in Finicum’s truck, as well as other police/FBI body-cam, dash-cam videos still have not been released.

Are the federal BLM and Forest Service engaged in a much larger criminal conspiracy against taxpaying citizens (ranchers) — as charged by a federal judge — than the conspiracy charges alleged against the Bundys?

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