Charles Scaliger

Tuesday, 12 April 2016 14:50

Where Do Rights Come From?

If rights come ultimately from government and not from God, as many of our modern political and jurisprudential sophisticates believe, then government — not God — becomes the final arbiter of rights and freedoms.

China's new Type 055 cruiser, being developed to counter the new Zumwalt-class of guided missile destroyer, will feature more and better armaments and defensive capabilities — at a much lower price tag.

According to analysts, China is months away from deploying the DF-41, a missile carrying 10 warheads capable of reaching any target in the continental United States.

Different Syrian factions backed by the CIA and the Pentagon for different strategic reasons are now duking it out in and around Aleppo.

In yet another display of censorious political correctness on campus, Emory University students protest Trump's name as offensive and hurtful.

President Obama told a young audience in Argentina that both capitalism and socialism (including Cuban Marxism) are both acceptable alternatives.

The patience of GOP voters and members of the House Freedom Caucus is wearing thin with Paul Ryan's continued committment to big spending increases.

The Washington Post's Derek Muller suggests that the constitutional authority of the states over the much-maligned Electoral College could be used to prevent Donald Trump from winning the presidency.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016 10:05

Passports to Become National ID Cards?

With the relentless push for states to comply with federal Real ID standards, the passport may become a de facto national ID card required for domestic travel within a few years.

Under Mario Draghi's leadership, the ECB is about to enter uncharted territory in finanacial socialism.

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