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Global Warming Alarmists, Looking Ridiculous, Double Down

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Global warming alarmists are facing an increasingly skeptical public as their hysterical “climate-change” predictions continue to be exposed as wildly inaccurate. Still, the Obama administration, the Communist Party USA, radical Senate Democrats, the establishment media, and other proponents of discredited United Nations theories on alleged “catastrophic man-made global warming” are not throwing in the towel just yet. Instead, they are doubling down on the alarmism, putting the slowly dying alarmist juggernaut into overdrive.

The White House and alarmist U.S. lawmakers, of course, are desperately fighting to keep the last bit of climate hysteria from melting away. With polls showing that most Americans do not believe the UN’s global warming theories, global warmists in Washington, D.C., understand that their bid to empower the UN, create a planetary climate regime by 2015, and impose carbon taxes on the public appears close to failure — hence the increasingly shrill tone.

At this point, however, critics and independent scientists, many of whom are now forecasting global cooling, say the alarmists are simply making fools of themselves. Indeed, 2013 proved to be a spectacularly devastating year for proponents of UN global-warming theories as the implosion of their claims and predictions accelerated — often in deeply embarrassing ways. That has not stopped them yet, though.  

Time magazine, for example, is facing worldwide ridicule for blaming the recent “polar vortex” that brought record cold temperatures across America on man-made “global warming” — after having linked the exact same phenomenon to alleged “global cooling” in 1974. In an article headlined “Another Ice Age?" appearing almost four decades ago, Time said “scientists” had found evidence of “global cooling” in an expansion of the “circumpolar vortex.”

Forty years later, senior editor Bryan Walsh claimed: “it may well be that global warming could be making the occasional bout of extreme cold weather in the U.S. even more likely.” Skeptical researchers were quick to lambaste Time for the absurdities and contradictions. “At least the 1974 version made sense,” noted Real Science. “Bryan Walsh’s 2014 version makes a complete farce out of science.”

Of course, even the world’s premier global-warming alarmists have rejected the notion that “global warming” theories predicted record cold — much less that alleged “global warming” had anything whatsoever to do with the record-setting freeze that swept across much of the United States this week. Still, that did not stop countless media outlets and taxpayer-funded alarmists from making the claim.

Considering that sea-ice is at the highest level since records began — and the fact that there has been no global warming for 17 years now, in defiance of all UN theories — analysts say the alarmists are looking increasingly detached from reality. In Washington, D.C., though, carbon-tax mongers at the White House and in the halls of Congress have apparently ignored the facts, launching a full-blown propaganda campaign to defend their debunked theory by making even more outrageous claims.

Radical White House Science “Czar” John Holdren, for example, came out swinging. “If you’ve been hearing that extreme cold spells, like the one that we’re having in the United States now, disprove global warming, don’t believe it,” said Holdren, author of the book Ecoscience promoting forced abortion and sterilization, drugging of the water supply with contraception, and the creation of what he called “planetary regime” to control the world and its population.

In fact, Obama’s extremist czar continued, the cold could actually be caused by supposed global warming. “A growing body of evidence suggests that the kind of extreme cold being experienced by much of the United States as we speak is a pattern we can expect to see with increasing frequency, as global warming continues,” he said. Again, even the world’s most dedicated global-warming believers in the field have rejected that argument, as did the alarmist UN climate outfit.

“I have to admit to being a little embarrassed for John Holdren, President Obama’s Science Czar,” wrote respected climatologist and NASA scientist Dr. Roy Spencer, adding that there has been no evidence supporting "Pseudoscience Czar" Holdren’s wild claims. “How did this man ever attain such a lofty position, other than his politics?... It scares me that someone with so much energy policy influence has so little knowledge of basic physics.”

Ironically, perhaps, Holdren had previously warned decades ago that human CO2 emissions would lead to a billion deaths due to global warming-fueled global cooling — yes, cooling, which he said would lead to a new ice age by 2020, along with “carbon-dioxide induced famines.” To deal with his fantastical forecasts, Obama’s science czar again called for a global government that would be in charge of slashing the human population through compulsory abortions and strictly controlling planetary resources.

As the Obama administration works feverishly to foist its unconstitutional anti-carbon decrees on America — adopted by executive fiat and regulatory gimmicks rather than legislation — a coalition of radical Senate Democrats announced this week that they were creating a global-warming task force to help out. “We believe that climate change is a catastrophe that’s unfolding before our eyes and we want Congress to take off the blindfolds,” said Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), adding that Majority Leader Harry Reid was also on board.

Among other schemes, the “global-warming” taskforce will try to defend Obama’s “climate initiative” from lawmakers. Numerous members of Congress have expressed outrage over the administration’s usurpation of legislative power and economically devastating mandates to fight non-existent global warming. What critics have called the administration’s “witch-hunt” against scientists who refuse to join the global warming “cult” has also attracted scrutiny, along with the revelations that the U.S. government prodded the UN into covering up the lack of warming, giving the senators’ task force plenty to do.

Separately, teaming up with self-styled socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Boxer also introduced carbon-tax legislation this week. “There is a growing consensus that putting a price on carbon pollution is the most effective way to fight global warming,” the two lawmakers claimed without elaborating. Analysts say the prospect of such a scheme getting through Congress is probably slim to none — especially at this point, with the theories crumbling on the world stage

The Communist Party USA also made sure to reassure its devotees that global-warming theories had most definitely not been debunked by record cold. “This could be driven by the loss of polar sea ice which has been documented over the past few decades,” the party’s propaganda organ claimed, apparently unaware that there is currently more polar sea ice than at any time since records began. “That in turn is spurred by human-caused global warming. Research is ongoing.”    

As communists, socialists, and the most extreme statist wing of the Democrat Party were touting alleged global warming, independent climate scientists and experts were working to raise awareness about what they say is a coming era of global cooling. Unlike the carbon tax-demanding global-warming alarmists, however, researchers highlighting global-cooling trends say the cycle is driven by solar activity — not humanity’s emissions of carbon dioxide, an essential gas which is exhaled by all humans and critical to plant life.   

Indeed, in 2013, over 70 scientific studies were published showing that the Sun’s activity, not man-made CO2, controls the climate. On January 6, with evidence piling up, the Space and Science Research Corporation launched the Global Cooling Awareness Project, which aims to “draw attention to the growing concern among the world’s scientists and climate researchers that a new record setting cold climate epoch may have begun,” the organization said in a statement.

“Now that global warming has ended and a challenging cold climate has begun, it is time to up the gain globally on preparing for the coming cold,” said SSRC President John Casey, a climate researcher and former White House space program advisor working with respected scientists from around the world. According to scientists working on the project, along with other top researchers worldwide, decreasing solar activity appears set to bring much colder temperatures going forward. 

The bottom line, however, is this: The burden of proof is on those who want others to accept their theories — especially if it involves a carbon tax and the creation of a planetary "climate" regime. In this case, the theory claims that humanity’s emissions of CO2 — accounting for a fraction of one percent of all greenhouse gases naturally present in the atmosphere — are leading to catastrophic global warming. In the real world, every one of the UN’s 73 computer models predicting rising temperatures has been shown to be wrong owing to the lack of warming for the last 17 years. Therefore, the theory is wrong.

With hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars showered on the climate-alarmism industry — not to mention the jobs dependent on the hysteria, dreams of a carbon tax, and the establishment’s credibility on the line — alarmists are unlikely to give up until the bitter end. If global cooling is indeed on the way or even already here, however, what countless experts refer to as the man-made global-warming “hoax” may completely implode faster than anyone realizes.

Alex Newman is a correspondent for The New American, covering economics, politics, and more. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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  • Comment Link Guy Garofano Monday, 13 January 2014 13:23 posted by Guy Garofano

    I am more than sceptical when it comes to man-made global warming. But in all honesty I think its a shame how (some) people on both sides of the issue deal with it. There are folks on the "progessive" side & on "our" side who will never accept any scientific study unless it backs what they want to believe - which is truly sad. And I have to add that one very cold weather pattern for a few days doesn't prove or disprove anything - why do we have to be as "alarmist" as our opponents?

  • Comment Link Nora Sunday, 12 January 2014 23:27 posted by Nora

    ...because quite of few of those "experts" were caught falsifying the data and their inter-agency emails plainly said they were skewing the facts to get the desired results--their "science" is a complete, deliberate fraud. These particular "experts" are big liars!

    My question is; Why blindly trust people who claim to be experts when what they have concocted is so succinctly proven by the current events which left them stuck in the ice, to be totally false? I mean it's pretty obvious that being an expert doesn't make you correct by default. If you claim something is so, it will still have to be proven by scientific evidence, or it's simply a theory. I won't give anyone the benefit of the doubt if they admit they falsified evidence for a pay off, and that's precisely what these climate alarmists did. It wasn't a mistake, it was a deliberate act of deception with the goal of soaking you and I with another tax burden. I think it'll seem clearer to you Jesse, if you think about who those tax dollars flow to in the end...Mr. Al Gore of Blood and Gore, a limited partnership in England who stood to reap billions of dollars if they could get their fraudulent scheme passed into law. Al Gore has been drooling over his unearned windfall in carbon tax payments for years, but it looks like the public's skepticism has blown that for him. (At least everyone but you is skeptical of the global warming baloney, Jesse!) Read David Freeman's book, "Wrong: Why Experts Keep Failing Us and How to Know When Not to Trust Them." Basically if there is the potential for huge profit in a thing for the person pushing it, don't buy their story.

  • Comment Link ontoiran Sunday, 12 January 2014 10:44 posted by ontoiran


  • Comment Link Heidi Preston Friday, 10 January 2014 23:43 posted by Heidi Preston

    Jesse- "One thing that I have been wondering, which I would love to get feedback on here if anyone sees this post, is what condemns people to undermine, or not trust experts in any field?"

    Answer-Critical thinking and research.
    My question to you would be what makes you think people need to rely on "experts" for knowledge instead of self knowledge gained by our own efforts?

    We can get information from all kinds of sources, such as charts from previous years, scientific "opinions" from various places (no need to rely on just the list of experts listed on Wikipedia as Climate scientists), including our own eyes....yep, that ship is frozen solid in the Antarctic during Global warming period...sure hope they get out of it ok and don't freeze to death...keep warm people.

  • Comment Link Jesse Bryant Friday, 10 January 2014 22:50 posted by Jesse Bryant

    Both this article and the subsequent comments made me really sad. Its a shame that people, humans beings, have become so detached from the natural world; so unable to want to look at what is right in front of them.
    Nora, there are "bad apples" in every field. I've been in the field with scientists who are horribly stuck in their own heads, grinding from one government grant to the next and, when it comes down to it, add nothing to society except some inane, pointless, irrelevant, dare I say, wrong, theories. I will tell you though, the banking sector is a whole other level of shallowness...
    In my experience though, climate scientists are a very genuinely concerned bunch, very caring, and dedicated to helping every human they can reach. In an increasingly globalized world, understanding how things are interconnected, related, and affect each other is going to be paramount to our success here.
    I really wish that you guys would take the time to think about your use of sensationalist jargon like "alarmist", "communist", "charlatan", and "Czar". It really saddens me that arguments I'm hearing here feel they have to be sensationalized in this manner, taking various words out of context and leaving some undefined (Alarmist? What do you mean?).
    One thing that I have been wondering, which I would love to get feedback on here if anyone sees this post, is what condemns people to undermine, or not trust experts in any field? One of my close friend's parents were Christian Scientists and very abruptly, his mother died of the flu after refusing standard anti-viral treatment. It was difficult for me to comprehend, especially watching my friend go though that sort of tragedy that early in life.
    Why distrust the experts, especially when the stakes are so very high for you and everyone around you, that is, for both human and non-human life?

  • Comment Link Joyce Friday, 10 January 2014 19:31 posted by Joyce

    Nuff Said - Our Creator has said it all by showing these liars up for what they are. Lets stop separating socialists, communists, the UN, AGENDA 21, Codex Alimentarius, Conference on Foreign Relations (CFR), the RNC, the DNC, the Bilderberg Conference, global warming alarmist lying scientists, etc. and face up to the fact that they are all part of the elitist group behind the one world global government, aka the new world order.

    The new world order is an elitist group that wants to rule the entire Planet Earth and everyone in it and part of their plan is to kill off 90% of the population worldwide to rid themselves of the worthless beings beneath them who are using up "their natural" resources. Their desires are based on greed and power - not the good of Planet Earth as they profess - that is their biggest lie yet.

    Our Creator could not have said it any plainer. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for trapping the ship carrying 13 of the lying global warming scientists in an icecap, surrounded by seas so frozen the ice breaking ships could not reach them, to show us the extreme lies our legislators and world rulers have been telling us. Most of all, thank you for the message that you are still in control of Planet Earth, and reminding us that you granted us free will and we should use it wisely. The icecap that it was trapped in had doubled in size over the past year, despite Al Gore's and his lying scientific advisors' warnings that it would be totally gone by 2013, due to their global warming alarms. Global warming Al Gore and drone warmongering Obama are equally undeserving of their Nobel Prize. These misguided scientist lying about the weather are only a small part of the myriad of various scientists working for the new world order. By calling them misguided, we give them the benefit of the doubt that they were possibly sucked into the new world order's lies about saving the Planet Earth rather than by the love of money,

    The first time I looked a camel in the eye, my first thought was no one will ever convince that me that our Creator doesn't have a sense of humor. After enjoying and laughing at the way he delivered this message, HE cannot be bested in satire and irony either. Still LOL!

    Friends, if you came up with a different message than I have, please share it with the rest of us. If not, then may I suggest that we all reread and study HIS TEN COMMANDMENTS for he has told us we should OBEY them. We need to stop letting the new world order and all of its puppets tell us when and where we can pray and when and where we can post HIS TEN COMMANDMENTS.

    Probably one of those ten dearest to his heart is THOU SHALT NOT KILL, and there was no rider attached making the unborn infant an exception. How can anyone still think that planned abortion is still alright in His eyes after seeing the results of those late stage abortions whose spines had been snipped with scissors at the neck. In most cases, nature has a plan called spontaneous abortions that usually occurs early in pregnancy when the unborn has a condition that is incompatible with life. A few years back, orthodox medicine told us that most pregnancies begin with two or more fertilized ovum, but something happens and all but one or two of them are usually resorbed in early pregnancy. Perhaps this is the Creator's plan to try to assure you
    get a live, healthy baby to love and to cherish.

    Put your trust in your Creator who has the power to deliver a message in the manner above. Stand up and speak out loud and clear to all of our legislators - no more lies, no more cap and trade, no AGENDA 21, no Codex Alimentarius, no more wars, no more UN, no more one world global government, no more new world order, no more nuclear power plants for more nuclear accidents as in Russian and Fukashima, and no more Monsanto GMO seeds of any kind, because we can NEVER improve on our Creator's design. He delivered this message to everyone on Planet Earth, not just to us and he knows that our government is not the only one on Planet Earth holding its citizens in hostage of the tyranny of the new world order. They are all over but, worst in the G20 nations and the US is one of them. If you aren't familiar with these just type
    "G 20 nations" in your search window. That is how I learned which ones are the G20
    and that the new world orders 3 major cities of interest are England, Washington, DC and the Vatican..

    All of our governments are involved, so lets all sing out loud and clear - NO MORE -
    and if trials for fraud and treason if the only way to go - we are late getting started.

  • Comment Link Nora Friday, 10 January 2014 18:08 posted by Nora

    If you really want to make a fool of some of these global warming nuts, read them some of their own white papers, where they lay out the whole ruse to convince people anthropomorphic warming is real, and it will cause a catastrophe. They think they've got a prayer of convincing us that we're destroying the planet because they forgot that they published books and papers telling exactly how the whole thing is a fraud, intended to enable them to steal even more of what we work for. These parasitic, self involved charlatans are the ones who are destroying the planet. There will be a paradigm shift and humanity will throw off these deceivers and scammers.
    When you look at this model for extracting from us the fruits of our labors, you notice an eerie similarity to the central banking scam. Every thing they engineer has one goal; deceive and rob the unsuspecting of what they work for, while charging the cost of robbing them back to them. At some point, we will put an end to all of it. It's bye-bye bankers, greed and deceit.

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