VIDEO - Dr. Robert Carter of the Heartland Institute talks about the global warming agenda today and that it is contrived of more activists than actual scientists. He also discusses the problem of scientific funding in today's industry. Scientists today have to follow certain criteria with research in order to receive grants and funding.
VIDEO - Dr. Christopher Essex, professor at the University of Western Ontario, challenges multiple one sided debates that are all but unanimously final in the realm of climate change.
VIDEO - Istvan Marko, Professor of Chemisty at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, discusses the need for CO2 on Earth. He goes into how the 'Go Green' campaign has become a mindless religion where it is contrived of more activists than actual scientists.
VIDEO - The COP21 conference took place from November 30 - December 12, 2015. During his time at the conference, Alex Newman reports on the lack of data that was presented during the conference. He continued to talk about how countries only seemed to be interested in blindly pledging money and coming to an agreement.
VIDEO - Alex Newman reports of his run in with the Chinese government while at the Paris summit for COP21. Alex explains his concern of the Chinese government's behavior, but had even more concern with the lack of control the French police and UN had over the incident.

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