Over 50 tornadoes ripped through the Midwest this weekend, killing 15 people and reducing homes and buildings across the states to piles of debris. The total cost of the damage is indeterminate at this time but is expected to be very high.

global warmingLast December, as even every cloistered monk and Third World inhabitant probably knows, there was an International Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen, attended by government functionaries from around the world. The pampered delegates, who evidently weren’t worried about their own carbon footprints, caused a Scandinavia-wide shortage of black stretch limousines.

EarthThe Competitive Enterprise Institute is suing NASA to release information explaining why the agency revised its global-warming data upward in 2007, after having revised the data downward six weeks earlier. CEI had submitted Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to obtain the information, to no avail. The cover-up may mirror the manipulation of climate-change data by British scientists that came to light last year.

Public opinion about climate change is slipping away from the grasp of the Fourth Estate, to the chagrin of advocates of the theory of manmade global warming.

OceanAs the U.S. Senate prepares to consider enormously expensive cap-and-trade legislation, supposedly aimed at curbing alleged global warming caused by man-made emissions, scientists and policy makers at a conference in Chicago heard from experts in various scientific fields challenging the crumbling assumptions that have provided the foundation for global-warming alarmism.