"FREEZE MAY KILL 60,000," blared the headline of London's Express newspaper on January 11. The following excerpt gives an idea of the grim picture in much of the UK:

As Britain's winter of discontent threatened a fresh wave of blizzards and freezing temperatures last night, [Prime Minister] Gordon Brown stood accused of failing to protect the nation.... Experts predict a massive spike in death rates — with up to 60,000 more people dying than average because of the wintry conditions. The British civilian death toll in the Second World War was 67,000.

smogThe EPA has announced plans to curb smog-causing pollutants for the sake of the health of millions of Americans. The proposals would increase costs to industry and local governments dramatically, as reported in Friday's New York Times.

Climate-change scientists are assuring the public despite record lows nationwide, global warming is a reality. Bill Blakemore with ABC News reports researchers say it is natural to have below-normal temperatures, but they do not mean overall global temperatures are not rising. He claims the frequency of heat waves far outstrips that of cold snaps, and some locations in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere are currently experiencing record highs.

dirtMan-made global warming is blamed for a myriad of environmental woes, from floods in Jakarta to drought in Australia, from record highs in Vietnam to snowfall in Baghdad. Global warming's latest crime is allegedly increasing the amount of dust in the Earth's atmosphere.

Internet FreedomThe Internet is an incredibly useful tool for ordinary Americans. Through the magic of an inexpensive computer, a whole world of information and social networking is at one’s disposal almost instantaneously. Not only can persons with minimal computer skills track the news of the day, they can learn about measures being proposed by government, contact their legislators to express their own views about what’s being proposed, even organize with others to effect change. True enough, there’s misinformation and disinformation also available on the Internet. Discernment rather than blindly accepting what appears there is very much in need.