In the aftermath of revelations of “Climategate,” proponents of the theory of manmade climate change are ramping up the rhetoric in the remaining days before the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, where they will press for extreme measures to combat climate change.

deceptionOne of Europe's most ardent and best-known global warming alarmists, George Monbiot, is in anguish over the unfolding climategate e-mail scandal and is calling on Phil Jones, one of the climate scientists at the heart of the fiasco, to resign.

Sen. InholfeClimategate scientists are under congressional investigation in the wake of information gleaned from e-mails pirated from a global-warming research center in England.

Obama’s September trip to Copenhagen to plead with the International Olympic Committee to consider Chicago as host city for the 2016 Summer Games did not work out very well for the United States — and his next scheduled trip to Denmark promises to leave our nation’s score at 0–2.

ObamaPresident Obama is planning to promise a significant reduction in United States greenhouse gas emissions at the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, despite lack of consensus over cap-and-trade legislation in Congress.