global warmingItem: Honolulu (KHNL), October 25, 2009 — “Protestors staged a worldwide rally against climate change, and Hawaii joined in on the call for action to stop global warming. It’s an effort to literally draw the line on climate change. Thousands of Hawaii students across the state, including a group at Stadium Park in Honolulu, took part in the ‘Blue Line Project’ on Saturday. Its purpose is to indicate the risk of flooding if the sea level rises one meter. The project also tries to highlight Hawaii’s and other island nations’ vulnerability to climate change, while countries negotiate a new international agreement.”

Al GoreAccording to critics, for Al Gore, “going green” is not just a slogan for saving the world, it is a description of his bank account.

BanUnwilling to settle for a mere $100 billion a year, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is demanding that First World nations dramatically increase their commitment to the wealth redistribution schemes planned for the UN Conference on Climate Change next month in Copenhagen.

Yvo de BoerUnited Nations global warming officials said this week that a final climate change treaty will be “impossible” to reach at the December summit in Copenhagen due to disagreements on financing and emissions targets, but they are not giving up.

beefIn December, approximately 20,000 delegates from 192 countries will attend the United Nations conference on climate change in Copenhagen, Denmark. If one British official has his way, meat will not be on the menu.