California officials confronted with the difficult task of cleaning the smog-filled San Joaquin Valley with limited financial resources have found a solution: asking San Joaquin Valley drivers to pay the $29 million.

As if the gruesome mini-film put out by the “10:10” Project was not disturbing enough, the group ACT-Responsible produced an equally horrifying advertisement featuring a young girl in a noose. The ad reads, “Climate change, human impact, creative challenge.”

After the significant defeat that confronted environmental extremists at last year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, organizers for the 2010 conference in Cancun are trying to avoid a repeat of that failure. A significant reason for the failure of last year’s conference — apart from the greed of Third World nations looking to grab billions of dollars from the First World — was the unwillingness of the Chinese to join the economic suicide pact demanded by environmentalists.

Liberal environmentalists apparently care so much about the Earth that they will resort to the lowest levels of humanity in order to achieve their tree-hugging goals. As part of the effort to promote the “10:10” campaign, a movement that encourages people to reduce their consumption of carbon by 10 percent in 2010, the “10:10” London-based group created a mini-film that is horrifying in nature, as it portrays violence, child murder, and terrorism, all to promote environmentalism.

human skinResearchers may have discovered a less controversial alternative to stem cells that could potentially treat conditions like Parkinson's disease and diabetes. This alternative is allegedly so effective that it has the potential to be used by the military to mitigate battlefield injuries.

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