More than half of the states and several professional associations filed lawsuits against the Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on October 23, charging that the EPA has exceeded the authority granted to it by Congress in setting carbon dioxide limits for power plants.


The "carbon pricing" scheme of the upcoming UN global climate summit in Paris could cause electricity rates — and the price of everthing else — to skyrocket.

With the electoral defeat this week of conservative Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his more liberty-oriented party, tax-funded global-warming theorists and the governments that support them breathed a sigh of relief. Now, with Harper and his recently ousted Australian counterpart out of the way, analysts say the United Nations and its mostly autocratic members have a better chance of success.


France's top meteorologist, Philippe Verdier, is blowing the whistle on the hysteria surrounding alleged man-made global-warming theories and the corruption of science to serve radical political goals.

The World Bank has pledged to bump up its “climate finance” program by one-third, potentially to $29 billion annually, even though its genocidal “green” programs have caused death, desolation, and millions of refugees.

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