As the 21st Convention of Parties (COP21) climate talks are taking place in Paris right now, about 40,000 world leaders, diplomats, activists, policy experts, and journalists have been meeting to discuss the topic of climate change. Such a substantial gathering of individuals from around the globe requires an extensive budget to cover costs associated with housing, work areas, food, transportation, entertainment, and other costs. Considering the stated purpose of the summit, to stifle climate change, one may be surprised to learn that a substantial portion of the summit’s cost has been covered by private corporations. Among those corporations are businesses with direct ties to fossil fuel. 


PARIS — Amid United Nations efforts to shackle humanity to a UN “climate regime” at the COP21 global-warming summit, an international team of scientists and experts from various fields debunked the hysteria at a separate conference in Paris for realists.

PARIS — In exchange for going along with the United Nations “climate” agenda, the world's largest coalition of Third World dictators and backwards regimes is demanding more than $100 billion per year in global-warming reparations from Western taxpayers.

Speaking at a United Nations “climate” summit in Paris, Obama blamed America for alleged man-made global warming and claimed that the nation embraces its responsibility to “do something” about the supposed problem. That “something,” of course, at least in the administration's view, involves redistributing the wealth of embattled U.S. taxpayers to Third World governments and dictatorships for climate reparations, as well as shackling the American economy with draconian controls to reduce emissions of what serious scientists know as the “gas of life.”

On November 20 Kathryn Sullivan, the head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), sent a response to Representative Lamar Smith (R-Texas), chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. In what has become a heated debate in the wake of a climate study published by NOAA in the journal Science, Sullivan stated, “I have not or will not allow anyone to manipulate the science or coerce the scientists who work for me.


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