A "head fake" in oil has driven the price of crude above $50 a barrel. 

The moving assembly line turned the world upside down 100 years ago. The autonomous vehicle revolution is likely to do the same.

Legislators can pass laws requiring background checks and putting undesirables onto “no fly, no buy” lists all day long. But they will have precious little impact when people have the freedom to purchase the increasingly sophisticated hardware and software to make their own weapons at home.

Numbers of commercial honey bee colonies have reached a 20-year high, but that isn’t stopping the White House from wasting millions in tax dollars on a contrived colony collapse crisis.


VIDEO - Alex Newman discusses the attack on “climate deniers,” where AGs have launched investigations on their “fraud.” While learning that only 40% of Americans believe people are being harmed by climate change today, and that even in the satellite record global warming has not been seen in over 20 years, will free speech prevail in order to expose the truth?

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