The capacity to clone humans is already a reality — and, in fact, it has already been done. So do designer babies and a "genetic arms race" lie in our future?

Five hundred million children at risk, claims UNICEF chief Anthony Lake, one of Bill Clinton’s security risk advisors. He is leading the UN agency’s exploitation of children to whip up support for the UN’s global climate regime.

Windows 10 seems to be Microsoft's deliberate attempt to create the most intrusive operating system ever. If that is the goal, the software giant from Redmond, Washington, is succeeding. It seems that every new update brings the newest iteration of Windows closer and closer to giving Microsoft total control over the way users can operate their own computers. The most recent update makes that abundantly clear.



On November 19, the FDA approved genetically modified salmon, dubbed "Frankenfish" by many health-conscious Americans, as safe for human consumption, marking the first time that a genetically altered animal has been approved.

In attempting to flood the world markets with oil and put many U.S. oil fracking companies out of business, OPEC overplayed its hand, and the world will continue to see low oil prices, even as OPEC's influence diminishes.

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