The new minister of the Cyberspace Administration of China spoke this morning at the seventh China-U.S. Internet Industry Forum in Washington, D.C.  His address before government officials and top executives of tech companies called for greater cooperation between the United States and China on issues related to the Internet.

The UN’s World Health Organization has been exposed by a leading U.S./UN climate scientist, Dr. Indur Goklany, for using fraudulent statistics and methodologies to push for more UN power and more global controls on energy and all human activity.

The continuing decline in crude oil prices is shaking up the assumptions and presuppositions of producers, investors, and governments.

The elite British globalist group the Royal Institute of International Affairs issues its report on international “governance” of the Internet, as the 2015 transition deadline looms.

As Republicans are mounting plans to strip the Environmental Protection Agency of some of its powers, the agency continues to move forward in its ambitious efforts to tackle ozone "pollution."