Doug King has made himself and his investors a lot of money by noticing the weakness of the world economy, including in the demand for oil.


The so-called green agenda being relentlessly pursued by the Obama administration and its cronies represents a threat to U.S. military capabilities and therefore, to American national security, according to a recently released report blasting the “political fad” of so-called renewable energy. 

During his Alaska tour this week, Obama ratcheted up hysteria over alleged “climate change,” claiming whole nations will be submerged underwater and cities abandoned.

With a track record of failure where protecting its own computer networks or investigating major hacks is concerned, the federal government now wants to use that failure as an excuse to pass new "cyber-laws" that will bring the United States "out of the Dark Ages." One such new cyber-law is Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA).



As if the embattled “most-transparent-in-history” White House needed more e-mail scandals, the Obama administration's “science czar,” John Holdren, an advocate of coercive population control and a one-time global-cooling alarmist, is facing a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to access public information that he has been apparently seeking to hide by using a private e-mail account. In the case, the non-partisan Competitive Enterprise Institute filed a federal appeal aiming to pry loose Holdren's e-mails from his account after a federal judge sided with Holdren, protecting his e-mails from public scrutiny.